Surprisingly good Moon photo with low cost old manual lens Canon DSLR camera body

Today is Chinese mid autumn day, also known as moon festival, on that day, the shape of the moon is fullest during the year.

I want to take photo shot at the moon, but I only have a Canon T2i (or 550D) digital SLR Camera body and a kit lens. The kit lens is not sufficient to take a clear picture of the distant object, such as the moon in the night sky.

However, I have an old Pentax zoom lens that I got from a well known online auction site. The lens is “Asahi Pentax Super Takumar M42 zoom lens”, a manual lens designed for Pentax film camera. That lens is available on that auction site for about 50 bucks including shipping.

I also have a M42 to EOS adapter to mount that Pentax M42 lens to Canon EOS camera body, which can be had on the same auction site for less than 10 bucks, shipping included.

Using the old Pentax zoom lens with adapter to Canon that cost 60 bucks combined, I decide to give a try to take a photo at the moon.

I Canon T2i body to manual, shutter speed at 1/4000, using tripod to avoid shaking, took the photo at the moon. It appears I have got the surface of the moon in the picture.

This was done by a cheap consumer level Canon DSLR body and old zoom lens that was not made for Canon.

Happy moon festival!



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George Jen

George Jen


I am founder of Jen Tek LLC, a startup company in East Bay California developing AI powered, cloud based documentation/publishing software as a service.