• Kevin Tomas

    Kevin Tomas

    Hi there ✌🏽My name is Kevin and I'm a junior software developer from Hamburg! I'm interested in everything concerning Data Science and Web Development!

  • Arshdeep Kaur

    Arshdeep Kaur

    Neural Networks for Computer Vision

  • Sami Nas

    Sami Nas

    Account Executive @johnsnowlabs

  • Son Nguyen

    Son Nguyen

  • santosh mandugula

    santosh mandugula

    Software Developer, tech enthusiast ,hobby photographer, love's writing and explore new things...

  • neupane parlad

    neupane parlad

    Data Science Professional, Experience Java Developer, Check out my new article published on Analytics Vidhya: https://www.analyticsvidhya.com/blog/2020/12/under

  • Bruno Feldman Da Costa

    Bruno Feldman Da Costa

  • Aekanun Thongtae

    Aekanun Thongtae

    Experienced Senior Big Data & Data Science Consultant with a history of working in many enterprises and various domains . Skilled in Apache Spark, and Hadoop.

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