Canon Rebel Digital SLR DSLR T8i 850D Camera Body Replace Shutter Curtain Near Complete Disassembly

George Jen
2 min readDec 21, 2021

George Jen, Jen Tek LLC


This video is likely to be the first documentary publicly available on the successful DIY disassembly and reassembly of Canon Rebel T8i (850D) digital SLR camera.


Shutter curtain blade of the Canon T8i was stuck and it displayed error 20 as result. This video records the complete processes from disassembly of the camera body to expose the shutter inside for shutter curtain blade replacement to reassembly of the camera body after replacement of shutter curtain blade. The camera is operational after the replacement of shutter curtain blade.

If interested in, please view detailed and complete repair processes HD video here.


Except that the rubber grip on the LCD display back panel needs to be removed to access a screw underneath, do not attempt to remove other rubber grips. Those on the front and side that are permanently glued on to the plastic cover, they are not needed to be removed as there is no screw under them. It is very different from previous models of Canon Rebel DSLR all the way to Canon T6i.


Because there was nothing over the internet that can demonstrate the disassembly process of Canon T8i, some steps during the disassembly and reassembly of this Canon T8i/850D may be redundant and not necessary, as this was done by trial and error along with educated guess.


Be patient, be gentle, never use force to remove component or disconnect cables and avoid using metal tools as much as possible. It was done very slowly and took more than 2 hours from begin to end.


Magnetic tip screw drivers is helpful. JIS (Japan Industry Standard) screw driver is needed. Using regular Phillips screw driver runs the risk of stripping screws.

Toothpicks and some plastic pieces, view video for detail.


This video is exclusively for entertainment only, nothing else. Any service on the camera shall be performed by professional service.

Thank you for watching. Jen Tek LLC.



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