All In One Custom PostgreSQL For Database Developer Docker Image

$ docker load < bigdata.tgz
$ docker load < etl.tgz
$ docker load < docker_samza.tar.gz
$ docker load < postgresql.tgz
$ docker image lsREPOSITORY                    TAG       IMAGE ID       CREATED        SIZE
jentekllc/postgresql latest 1557485c708b 22 hours ago 1.43GB
jentekllc/etl latest c3b44db4c5d6 8 days ago 6.61GB
jentekllc/bigdata latest c7d3fb6d8221 8 days ago 5.53GB
jentekllc/samza latest e9086c0ddaab 10 days ago 12.3GB
$ tar -xzf additional_files_20211125.tar.gz
$ nohup docker-compose -p j up --scale spark-worker=3 &
$ docker psea6ccaad5924   nginx:latest                  "/docker-entrypoint.…"   9 minutes ago   Up 9 minutes   80/tcp,>5000/tcp                                                                                                                            nginx-lb
0ae10942def2 jentekllc/bigdata:latest "/" 9 minutes ago Up 9 minutes 22/tcp,>38080/tcp j_spark-worker_3
9075364e60f3 jentekllc/bigdata:latest "/" 9 minutes ago Up 9 minutes 22/tcp,>38080/tcp j_spark-worker_2
c92b4e131c1d jentekllc/bigdata:latest "/" 9 minutes ago Up 9 minutes 22/tcp,>38080/tcp j_spark-worker_1
0ed5d7ed0d22 jentekllc/samza:latest "/home/hadoop/start_…" 9 minutes ago Up 9 minutes>22/tcp,>8088/tcp,>8888/tcp,>8889/tcp samza-server
0178dc3df8b1 jentekllc/bigdata:latest "/" 9 minutes ago Up 9 minutes>22/tcp,>8088/tcp,>9000/tcp,>9083/tcp hadoop-hive
e11a0f1c4dd9 dpage/pgadmin4:latest "/" 9 minutes ago Up 9 minutes 443/tcp,>80/tcp pgadmin4-container
4effecf897e6 jentekllc/etl:latest "/" 9 minutes ago Up 9 minutes>22/tcp,>8080/tcp,>8888/tcp,>8889/tcp,>9000/tcp,>30000/tcp etl-server
7b25d8dcd063 jentekllc/postgresql:latest "/start_postgres_ssh…" 9 minutes ago Up 9 minutes 5050/tcp,>22/tcp,>5432/tcp,>8888/tcp,>8889/tcp postgresql-container
af0f519a43ce jentekllc/bigdata:latest "/" 9 minutes ago Up 9 minutes>4040/tcp,>7077/tcp,>8080/tcp,>8088/tcp,>8888-8889/tcp,>22/tcp spark-master
$ docker-compose -p j down
#From host
$ ssh -p 20022 hadoop@localhost
#Inside container
$ bin/spark-submit /spark/examples/src/main/python/
$ spark-sql2021-11-06 23:26:42,842 WARN util.NativeCodeLoader: Unable to load native-hadoop library for your platform... using builtin-java class es where applicable
Setting default log level to "WARN".
Spark master: local[*], Application Id: local-1636241205417
$ ssh -p 40022 hadoop@localhost
$ ssh -p 50022 hadoop@localhost
$ jps144 ResourceManager
1233 ClusterBasedJobCoordinatorRunner
1729 LocalContainerRunner
1848 LocalContainerRunner
1689 LocalContainerRunner
586 Kafka
1946 Jps
426 NodeManager
76 QuorumPeerMain
1324 ClusterBasedJobCoordinatorRunner
1421 ClusterBasedJobCoordinatorRunner
$ file * | grep directoryhello-samza:        directory
samza: directory
#On the host, password for user postgres is 123456$ ssh -p 10022 postgres@localhost#Inside the container$ psqlpsql (14.1 (Debian 14.1-1.pgdg110+1))
Type "help" for help.
postgres=# \dn List of schemas
Name | Owner
public | postgres
(1 row)



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George Jen

George Jen


I am founder of Jen Tek LLC, a startup company in East Bay California developing AI powered, cloud based documentation/publishing software as a service.