A neo4j Graph Database Github Repository For Successful Build from Source Without Error

George Jen
2 min readJul 30, 2022

George Jen, Jen Tek LLC

We have a big data/analytics project that needs to persist data structures constructed in graph, i.e., in Vertices and Edges (Nodes and Relationships) into a database. A relational database is not an option in our use case.

We looked into a number of open source Graph database software, we chose to use neo4j graphdb. While there are binaries that can be downloaded and run right away, we prefer to build our own binary from the source codes, that we have options to customize them as we see fit in the future.

We forked a branch from the github repo, but we ran into dependency errors during the maven build.

Efforts have been made to resolve the errors. Then, we git push back to our forked neo4j github repository, to share with others who may have had the same struggles. Here is our repository:


Now, it should be fairly straightforward to build the binary from the source. Feel free to git clone a copy and try it yourself, or fork it to make it yours.

Please let us know if you run into issues during the maven build after you follow the README, we will respond.

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George Jen

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